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Plant Science

Teacher: Alan Geiger
The cylindrical part that attaches to the stem
The reproductive part of the plant formed from the ovary
A plant that has two seed leaves at germination
A complete plant in miniature form
Requires 3 or more growing seasons to complete its life cycle
A plant that completes its life cycle in one growing season
Any place where one or more leaves or buds are attached
A long slender tube connecting the stigma and ovary
A chemical process that converts water and carbon dioxide to glucose and sugar
The vegetative part of the plant that grows underground
The transfer of the male sex cells to the female organ of the flowers
Sections between nodes
A tissue that carries plant products, such as glucose from where it is made to other parts of the plant
A systems of roots with one primary root
The long slender part that supports the anther
The factories of the plant
A protective covering surrounding the seed
Completes its life cycle in two growing seasons
A tissue that carries water and minerals from the root hairs throughout the plant
The process by which a seed starts to grow
A plant that only has 1 seed leaf at germination
Male sex cells
The top of each stamen that holds pollen
completes most of its growing cycle in one year, including winter
Contains the ovules or the female part of the embryo
The sticky structure at the top of the pistil
The flattened part of the leaf
Length of time it takes a plant to complete life from germination to death
The female part of the flower
The vegetative part of the plant that supports the leaves, buds and other organs