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Culture and Change

Darria Jones
Ms Maria Gonzales RN
Developed a change theory in 1951
Imposing one's culture on another person's culture
One or more parties coming together for a common goal or idea
The regard that something is held to deserve
The integration of best current evidence with clinical expertise
Radical prejudice
Relative to a concerning system with a cultural group
Altering of the flow of events in any situation
A strong negative feeling for persons of a specific culture
Emotional shock experienced by being immersed in a different culture
Assuming that all people of one culture or race have the same personal characteristics
How specific employee behaviors are managed
A belief that one' own way of viewing the world is superior to other perspectives
Awareness and acceptance of cultural differences
Process of change that revolves around human experience
Refusal to recognize the cultural needs of another person
Comes from a committee or administrative group
The concept of having dissimilar cultures, races, and personalities in close proximity
The imparting or exchanging of information or news
A way of life that involves unique characteristics of human beings
A feeling of emotional or physical tension