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8th Grade Science: Section 3.1

The scale used to measure the hardness of a mineral
Minerals that contain the element oxygen bonded to a metal
The hardest naturally occurring substance known
The tendency of a mineral to break along flat surfaces that produce fragments with the same shape of its parent mineral
An instrument that deflects radiation
Indicates a minerals density
Minerals containing carbon bonded to oxygen
The resistance of a smooth surface of a mineral to being scratched
Flat surfaces on a crystal
Consists of compounds made with the elements fluorine, chlorine, bromine, or iodine
Minerals that are unstable and tend to break apart
A mineral or gemstone that is characterized by its yellow color, metallic luster, and cubic shape
Minerals that glow particular colors when exposed to ultraviolet light
The identification and classification of minerals
Minerals that continue to glow after being exposed to ultraviolet light
Substances that are found naturally in the earth and have a crystalline structure
The way light is reflected from the surface of a mineral
Geometric structures that are composed of atoms or molecules and have an orderly arrangement
A mineral or gemstone that is characterized by its violet color, vitreous luster, and hexagonal shape
A mineral or gemstone that is characterized by its green color, vitreous, resinous, or greasy luster, and hexagonal shape