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Plant and Soil

NAME: __________________________________
The largest of the soil particles.
_______ soil that originated from minerals.
Another word for organic material.
This plant part is between leaves and roots.
The process of eroding or being eroded by wind, water, or other natural agents.
The type of root that is one long root.
The process pf a plant making its own food.
The most common type of microorganism.
Mushrooms grow from ______ not seeds.
The largest seed is what?
Size of the individual soil particles.
The pipes that carry water and minerals from the roots to the leaves.
A plant that grows from _____ will either have cones or flowers.
______ flowers are in groups of 4 and 5.
All flowering plants have 1 or 2 ________.
The pipes that carry food from the leaves to the roots.
The soil particle about the size of a golf ball.
_______ soil comes from living sources.
All of the plants and animals that live in an area.
The type of root that is a tangle of small roots.
The different layers of soil that lay parallel to the surface.
_____ can be found on some stems to help protect a plant.
The smallest of the soil particles.
_______ is composed of water, air, minerals, and humus.
The leaves of _______ have parallel veins.