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Science Instruction 417 (2)

Overcrowding/class size, state characteristics, district/school characteristics, teacher characteristics
Alternative understandings about phenomena that learners have formed
A theory of learning that assumes that real knowledge cannot exist outside the minds of thinking persons
These can be very stable and resistant to change, they can be personal constructions based on the child, and to an adult they may seem contradictory or incomplete
When no preexisting mental structures (or file folders) are available to assimilate, the mind must adapt by changing or adding to its mental structures
When educators use their judgement when performing duties with students
Eye protection, flammable liquid storage, fire blankets, aprons and gloves, fire extinguishers, first aid kit, eyewash and shower
One way in which the mind may adapt to the learning challenge and restore equilibrium
Define the problem, find out what is already known about the problem, form a hypothesis, conduct an experiment, use the results to reach a conclusion
This is influenced, as the details of its description suggest, by the attitudes and the values of the individual, as well as the habits of mind and conceptual understandings that the individual uses and knows
Those that encourage divergent and evaluative thinking processes
Evaluation thinking, divergent thinking, convergent thinking, cognitive memory
This should be thought through by a teacher to avoid students encountering as they participate in activities
Each level of what is... knowledge-level, comprehension-level, application-level, analysis-level, synthesis-level, evaluation-level
Solid academic performance over challenging subject matter, application to real-world situations, and ability to use appropriate analytical skills
This a key to modern scientific literacy, it also is central to learning, enabling brain cells that help learners problem solve
Conduct that falls below a standard established by law or profession to protect others from harm