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The Ocean Regions

Teacher: Mrs. Childs
Structures produced by living organisms that tend to form in marine waters containing few nutrients
Hawaiian name for yellowfin tuna
Animals with a backbone
Where the water contains 3% oxygen or less
The deepest trench in the world it is near the Philippines
Bird not extinct
A long tough rubbery structure terminating in a disk with suckers
A zone of total darkness inhabited by animals adapted to survive on only an occasional meal
Phylum that means "pore bearing"
Word for open sea well clear of the bottom "mid-water"
A transition spot between a river environment and ocean environment
Mating with only one partner for life
Zone near the coast where sediment clouds the water
Continuous directed movement of ocean water
Milky-white waxy substance originally mistaken for sperm
Animals lacking a backbone
Named after the Greek word planktos which means wandering
Preying on living whales when they surface to peck out pieces of flesh
Zone below that is too dark for photosynthesis
Zone more than a mile from the sunlit surface over most of the ocean this is the bottom