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Sociology 14 Exam 2 Review

Catcalling women is an example of this type of sexism
Amendment added to the civil rights act of 1964 banning preferential treatment of men in schools
This politician was criticized for being stupid and shallow, but lauded for her appearance.
_________ gender equality refers to the legal requirement that men and women are treated equally
The set of institutions in which we live our lives
"rule of the father"
: deals in which an individual or group accepts or even legitimizes some of the costs of patriarchy in exchange for receiving some of its rewards.
Barrie Thorne found varying waves of gender ______ in schools
placing of women into positions that make them subservient or dependent on men.
Rape is an example of this type of sexism
"To be powerful is to fail as a woman. To succeed as a woman is to give up power."
Collective consent about inequality secured by the idea that it is inevitable, natural, or desirable.
Formalized norms
First state to mandate sex segregated toilets
Women joined cheerleading during this period
When women act like one of the guys
Sports tend to fall on the ______ side of the gender binary
_______ femininity is an exaggerated form of femininity to accommodate the interests and desires of men.
The ____ of domination points to the various intersections of statuses lead people to oppression or power
beliefs & practices that become widely acceptable, followed, and approved
The femininized version of football
The female _____ refers to women's performances designed to soothe other's concerns about masculine appropriation.
Society demands that women must ____ both masculine and feminine roles