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Economics Chapter 10

Teacher: Marlatt
Sending work to an outside source, such as another country, to cut cash
When both sides agree to have a mediator who will decide how to solve a disagreement
A neutral third party who listens to arguments from both sides and suggests ways agreements can be reached
A group that gathers regularly for a certain purpose or goal
When both sides of a disagreement give and take
A refusal to buy something in hopes that it pressures a company to give in to worker demands
The largest group of independent labor unions; stands for the America Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Workers
Contracts some employers forced workers to sign that made the workers promise not to join a union
When representatives of labor and management sit down together to try to reach an agreement on something
Another name for strikebreakers or replacement workers
A court order preventing some activity
A way to achieve change or a goal
A way of informing the public about worker grievances; workers carry signs explaining why their employer is unfair or why they are on strike
A union that brings together all workers, skilled and unskilled
An industry that is in the business of making cloth
Something that is extreme
The act of stopping work to get better pay and working conditions
A business closed to nonunion workers
A law that is against forcing a worker to join a union
A union that brings together all workers, skilled and unskilled
Payments made to workers who are injured or disabled while working
A union that represents skilled workers in a certain craft
A guarantee that the workers will not lose their jobs
Money earned for working more than 40 hours per week, the hourly wage, plus half of the hourly wage
A worker complaint
A worker who works in place of a worker who is on strike
Extra money paid to employees for work beyond 40 hours per week or on weekends or holidays
When management closes the doors to the place of work, and keeps the workers from entering until an agreement is reached