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Racing in the Rain Crossword

Where did Enzo do his business while Eve and Zoe were gone?
Who is Denny's daughter?
Does Enzo live in an apartment right now or does he live in a house?
Enzo is _ over Zoe?
What was Denny's other job before the auto shop.
Where did Enzo see that bad zebra at?
What's the name of Denny's wife.
Who is the story told by?
When Eve had the baby where was Denny?
Where does Denny work at?
Enzo believes that he is _ than other dogs?
What other TV channel did Enzo like?
What does Enzo think he is going to become when he dies?
What toy did Enzo tear apart when Eve and Zoe were gone?
What view is racing in the rain written in?
What is Enzo's favorite channel on TV?
What's the name of Denny's best friend?
What is the name of the owner of Enzo?
What did Enzo smell from Eve's head?
Where did Enzo learn that once he dies he turns into a human?
When is Enzo telling the story young or old?