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Hair Fungus Clouds Forensic Evidence

Teacher: Mr. Prussman
Tridico has carried out a study of 95 samples of hair from _______.
A phenomenon known as post-mortem _______ is when invading bacteria leave a dark band at the root of the hair.
Silvana Tridico is a forensic _______.
Keratin in the hair can be digested by _____ that live mainly in Soils.
The wooly rhino is now_____.
A fungal invasion of the hair of a human victim tells us that the hair has been in contact with _____at some stage.
Both______and fungi play an important role in decomposition of organic matter in soil.
A ______ electron microscope was used to show that wooly mammoth hair can be damaged by Fungi.
Mammal hair contains a protein called________.
Fungus thrives in warm ______locations.