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The French Revolution

The French government was ________ after making poor decisions at home and overseas.
This was the most expensive tax in France.
The ________ of 1791 was the first one France had ever had.
The first estate contained members of the _______ who were both rich and poor.
Storming the ________ was the event that started the French Revolution.
Compared to this, the French Revolution was more complicated and much more violent.
The name given to the middle class including merchants, bankers, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals.
The Napoleonic ________. was a unified set of laws and one of Napoleon's most important contributions to France.
The Paris ________ captured King Louis XVI and executed him by guillotine.
The name of the island where Napoleon was exiled and eventually died.
The upper class who inherited their wealth based on the ownership of land.
An angry mob of women armed with broomsticks, pitchforks, and muskets, marched to the palace at ________and demanded to speak to the king.
He was the leader of the Committee for Public Safety.
The middle and lower classes were ________ about the tax privileges given to the aristocracy and the clergy.
The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the ________ was an important document in French history.
The middle and lower classes hated the ________ because they led luxurious and pampered lives while they were suffering.
There were three social classes in French society called ________.
The third estate formed government body called The National ________.
The Estates ________ was the governing body of France.
He was the most famous military leader in French history.
The Reign of ________ was intended to rid France of all internal enemies and thousands of people were executed.