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Confederation and Constitution

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The purpose of the Constitutional convention was to do what to the Articles of Confederation?
This was not allowed in the Northwest Territories.
The Northwest Territories were north of what river?
The judicial branch does what to the laws?
Townships were how many miles square?
Only body created by the Articles of Confederation
The action of giving formal approval to a document
These had to be made with the Indians before the western lands could be sold.
The Legislative branch makes what?
Last state to ratify the Articles of Confederation
Who was the single most influential member of the Constitutional Convention?
How many states sent delegates to the Annapolis convention?
The most important powers in thee Confederation were with who?
The number of legislators from each state is determined by the what of each state?
What type of government was put into place by the Constitutional convention?
What compromise settled the issue of counting slaves for representation?
Drafted the Articles of Confederation
Which branch of the government enforces the laws?
This is a tax on imported goods
Shays's Rebellion was a dispute over what?