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ART 2020 Cyanide

Cyanide puzzel Team 1
Liquid Sodium Cyanide is shipped at a __________% concentration.
Sodium Cyanide is stable when _________.
Both solid and liquid sodium cyanide are pH stabilized with sodium ___________ (caustic soda) to suppress the formation of hydrogen cyanide.
Sodium cyanide is not a ____________.
Cyanide can be absorbed through the skin or _______ contact.
You should never eat, smoke or _______ while working around sodium cyanide.
Solid Sodium Cyanide is ___________ in color.
Cyanide poisoning can be ___________ with the use of a cyanide antidote kit.
A fatal dose of sodium cyanide is about the size of a piece of_______.
Exposure to hydrogen cyanide over 10 parts per million could produce __________ of cyanide poisoning.
Cyanide is highly toxic by exposure via ____________ or breathing.
Sodium cyanide is highly corrosive to copper, brass and ___________.
Response for hydrogen cyanide release first Alarm: Visual Alarm at 4.7 ppm HCN All ____-essential personnel will evacuate the area. Area operator plus one other person will…perform a Field Level Risk Assessment get a gas badge/MX 6 to double check air quality troubleshoot the cause of HCN gas mitigate the problem (open doors/ventilate)15-minute limit of exposure per shift.
OSHA Permissible Exposure Limit for Hydrogen Cyanide is _____ parts per million.
Sodium cyanide at pH of 9.5 will convert __________% of cyanide content to Hydrogen cyanide.
Cyanide overexposure symptoms include: Throat Irritation, _______ palpitations, Shortness of breath, Salivation, Metallic taste in mouth and Flushing of the skin