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Art Vocabulary You'll Love to Know

Teacher: Ms. Taube
The "oven" that turns clay into ceramics.
If you draw a line down the middle of a piece of artwork, one side is a reflection of the other. Example: a butterfly.
A flat piece of clay.
When you take away from a material to create art. Example: chiseling marble.
When you put glaze on clay and fire it in a kiln, it becomes like glass.
When something, such as a triangle, is repeated over and over.
When your clay project has been fired in the kiln but does not have glaze on it yet.
Something that is not flat, and has three sides to it.
The 3-dimensional shape.
A hue. Example: yellow.
A long, rolled up piece of clay.
The object in a piece of artwork.
When each side of a piece of artwork is balanced, but they are not a perfect reflection.
When you put clay in a kiln.
A type of 3-dimensional artwork that you build.
When clay has dried and it's ready to fire in a kiln.
Clay mixed with water, or the "glue" that sticks two pieces of clay together.
The first thing that you look at in a piece of artwork because it stands out.
The range of color from dark to light.
When you add a material to create art. Example: Adding plaster to a mask.
The space around an object.
A specific area in a piece of artwork.
When you squeeze and rotate clay until it becomes a bowl.
The feeling of equal visual weight in a piece of art.
The outside or top of a piece of art.
To make marks in clay so that two pieces of clay can stick together.
How big or small something is when comparing it to another object.
When something leads your eye throughout the artwork.
The way that artwork feels to the touch or appears to feel.
The "paint" that you put on clay that makes it like glass and gives it color.