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Anemia & Sickle Cell Disease

Deficiency can cause anemia
Symptom of anemia
Needs to be managed during a sickle cell crisis
Deficiency in the numbers of RBCs or quantity of hemoglobin in the blood
Medical Emergency in sickle cell patients
Example of intrinsic anemia
Nutritional deficiency type of anemia
Type of anemia that causes RBCs to lyse
Autoimmune type of anemia
Menses is an example of this type of blood loss that can cause anemia
One type of hemolytic anemia
Can cause a sickle cell crisis
Occurs when RBCs are hemolyzed
Number one thing to prevent infection
One type of anemia caused by blood loss
To help control the sickling process, you would give IV fluids and ___
Who is most at risk for folic acid deficiency
Another symptom of anemia