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Ch. 5 6th Grade Geography

The fertile soil that crops depend on to grow
City in Colorado that has an unusual location for a major city
People that are always on the move following their food source
Church-based communities led by Catholic priests that were meant to house native peoples
Abbreviation for the North American Free Trade Agreement
An imaginary line through the Rockies that seperates rivers that flow Eastward and rivers that flow Westward
The point of elevation where it is too cold for trees to grow
A time period when the Great Plains suffered a severe drought and strong winds carried dry soil away covering others in dust
A major port city in California
An industry based on huge farms that rely on machines, advanced technology and mass-production to farm large areas
Villages that the Pueblo Indians lived in
The industry that makes vehicles that travel through the air and in outer space
A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
State that is home to three of the nations top ten ports in terms of the annual value of goods they handle
A region just beyond a settled area
A word meaning connected to
The idea that the United States had the right to extend its boundaries to the Pacific Ocean
A region of parallel mountain chains