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gestures or objects that have meanings associated with them that are recognized by people who share a culture
patterns or traits that are globally common to all societies
the gap of time between the introduction of material culture and nonmaterial culture’s acceptance of it
the spread of material and nonmaterial culture from one culture to another
groups that share a specific identification, apart from a society’s majority, even as the members exist within a larger society
shared beliefs, values, and practices
the deliberate imposition of one’s own cultural values on another culture
the integration of international trade and finance markets
an experience of personal disorientation when confronted with an unfamiliar way of life
the practice of evaluating another culture according to the standards of one’s own culture
the objects or belongings of a group of people
direct, appropriate behavior in the day-to-day practices and expressions of a culture
a culture’s standard for discerning what is good and just in society
a way to authorize or formally disapprove of certain behaviors
the practice of assessing a culture by its own standards, and not in comparison to another culture
groups that reject and oppose society’s widely accepted cultural patterns
a belief that another culture is superior to one’s own
the ideas, attitudes, and beliefs of a society
the moral views and principles of a group
tenets or convictions that people hold to be true
the visible and invisible rules of conduct through which societies are structured