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Life Science pp.78 - 103

A mushroom is this type of decomposer.
If a disease kills most of the hawks in an area there will likely be __ mice in the area.
When a plant or animal dies, it is ___ down by a decomposer.
Flower that grows without soil at the top branches of a rain forest tree
Can producers live without consumers?
Consumers get energy by eating ___.
Plants release this into the air.
Leaves take in carbon dioxide from __.
Green pigment in plants
Nitrogen, calcium, magnesium are examples of this.
Example of a producer
Plant __ does not come from the soil but from carbon dioxide in the air and water.
A type of decomposer not seen by the naked eye.
Energy that flows through an environment is a food ___ or a combination of food chains.
Plants __ their own food.
Food chains are paths by which energy ___ .
Animals get their energy by eating ___.
Can consumers live without producers?
Photosynthesis is this kind of reaction, not physical.
Plants are grown in water rather than soil in this form of farming
Animals use materials in food for several reasons including growth and __ of body tissues and bones.
Plants use energy from this to produce their own food.
Plants use this for food which is made in photosynthesis.
Roots soak this up from the soil.
Nutrients released by decomposers help plants ___.