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Life Science 7

Red flowers + white flowers = pink flowers, _____ dominance
_____ case letters are used for recessive traits
Recessive color for peas
Red cow + white cow = red/white cow is an example of ____
Having 2 genes of different types
If a person has 2 X chromosomes, they are ____
Study of heredity
_____ square
The result of genes, such as height
Results from crossing 2 different traits
"Father" of genetics
Human cells have 46 _______
The genes present that cause a trait
If a person has an X and a Y chromosome they are ____
Gene that only expresses itself when there are 2 of them
Gene that expresses over a recessive gene
Having 2 genes of the same type
Recessive color for pea pods
____ letters are used for dominant traits
Color blindness is an example of a sex - _____ trait