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Math Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: Math
The extent or measurement of a surface or piece of land.
A rule used to clarify which procedures should be performed first in a given mathematical expression.
A symbol or number placed above and after another symbol or number to denote the power to which the latter is to be raised.
A first-order equation involving two variables.
The difference between the lowest and highest values.
The amount of space that a substance or object occupies.
A pair of elements a, b having the property that.
The number repeated most often.
Is an expression built up from integer constants, and variables.
Is a relation in Euclidean geometry among the three sides of a right triangle.
The continuous line forming the boundary of a closed geometric figure.
The average.
A statement that the values of two mathematical expressions are equal.
A plane spanned by the x-axis and y-axis.
Place the numbers you are given in value order and find the middle number.
Is the product of multiplying a number by itself.