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Grade 6, lesson 4

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Grade 6, lesson 4.                 6 M / N #_________
Because humanity could not undo the effects of Original Sin, God will send a ____.
In the story of the Tower of Babel symbolizes humanity's loss of ___.
We learn that God will never stop loving us from the ____.
Isaiah describes the person who would come to free humanity from sin as a ____.
The flood waters are symbol of __.
The story of the Tower of Babel tells us about the development of different ___.
Noah built this to offer a sacrifice to God.
Agreement with God. God made one with Noah.
Symbol of humanity's resistance to God's will
Where we will find the four books about Jesus' life.
One of the worst effects of Original Sin.
God's forgiveness and love and humanity's goodness can overcome ___.
They struggled because of Original Sin.
A prophet who spoke on behalf of God and reminded them of how God wanted them to live.
Good News