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Animal Science 5.2 Vocab

Organic substances organisms use to build proteins.
The quantity and quality of complex organic compounds and mineral salts in the diet necessary for optimal development and reproduction of an animal.
Any complex, organic compound of amino acids with a high molecular weight and is essential for all living organisms. They make up a large portion of the protoplasm in cells.
The feed allowed to an animal in a 24-hour period.
The type and amount of food habitually ingested by a person or an animal.
A chemical compound or element of inorganic origin.
Any specific organic checmical compound of C, H2, and O2, including sugars and starches. It's formed through photosynthesis and makes up a large portion of animal feed.
Any food product derived from animal or vegetable fats.
The total of the processes that an organism uses the chemical components of food through metabolism to sustain life (support structural and biochemical integrity of cells). It will ensure viability and reproductive potential
A food substance that positively affects the nutritive processes of the body. The six areas are: water, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins.
An organic substance with a specific and essential function for growth and maintenance but do not furnish energy, that is found in small concentrations.
The most valuable natural resource and most limiting factor in crop production; H2O.