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Employment Law and Agency


Actions that are reasonable and necessary to perform duties.
A person who meets the minimum educational, skill, and experience requirements for the job posted, with or without reasonable accommodation.
The reasonable belief by an innocent third party that someone had actual authority to act as the principal’s agent, even when no express or implied authority exists.
Federal law that requires equal pay for equal work.
A driver who owns a vehicle used to earn a living.
Any person or entity that authorizes an agent to act on its behalf with a third party.
discrimination against a majority group.
Actual authority given by a principal to an agent to perform duties or carry out functions on behalf of the principal.
specific actors taken by employers to eliminate the effects of past discrimination.
Worker's who offer their services to the general public and have the right to control or direct only the results of the work.
requires a principal, agent, consent between parties.
Any person or entity that is authorized to act on behalf of a principal with a third party, under the control and for the benefit of the principal.
Area of law dealing with situations where a person is authorized to act on behalf of another person to create transactions on behalf of that person.