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Social Studies Final Vocabulary Units 4-5

Teacher: Theology
Force made up of civilians trained as soldiers but not part of the regular army - a volunteer army
Remained loyal to the king and parliament
Favored independence
Give me Liberty or give me death" youngest member of the house of burgeses that attacked the stamp act through an emotional speech
Battle where the first shots of the revolution were fired, Second Continental Congress
Meeting of colonial leaders
An organized campaign to refuse ti buy certain products
Court orders that allowed officials to make searches without saying what they were searching for
Battle between british and america led by israel putnam. (america lost due to lack of ammunition; america could stand a fight against a professional british army; this showed george washington that he needed a real army)
Import tax
Wiliam Penn's ________ ________started with a goal of a colony in which people from different religious backgrounds could live peacefully
Author "Join or Die"cartoon
Surveyor of the Virginia militia that led soldiers to the ohio river valley; became commander of the continental army
Soldiers who are paid to fight for a country other than their own
Closing off ports through the use of ships, not allowing anyone to leave or enter
Citizen soldiers who could be ready to fight in a minute
Cousin of john adams, establish the committees of correspondence