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Joseph Smith - Matthew: Signs of Second Coming

What is one of the natural disasters that will be a sign of the Second Coming ?
Where did the Savior teach his disciples about the Second Coming? (verse 4)
It's possible that even who will be deceived ?
As we do our best to prepare we should be not ? (verse 23)
One sign of the second is people will hear about ?
When we see all the signs fulfilled we know that the Savior's Coming is ?
What will fall from heaven ?
When the Savior comes again which direction will he come from ?
In order to not be deceived we need to ?
What parable did the Savior give to help us understand what the signs of the Second Coming ?
Where shall the gospel be preached in all the ?
How will iniquity in the last days effect the love of people ?
If any mortal tells you the day and hour of the Second Coming remember this three word phrase ?
The son of man shall come in the clouds of heaven with power and ?