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Grade 8, Lesson 6

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Grade 8, lesson 4.                 8 P / Q #_________
To have personal knowledge of a person or event and to tell the truth
This commandment teaches us to thank God for what we have, and to work for what we need
Striving to live a good moral life is a --- for disciples of Christ.
An attraction to choose sin
Who says, "Say yes when you mean yes, and no when you mean no".
Depending on God and making God more important than anyone or anything else.
To wrongfully desire someone or something
This requires us to respect the marriage commitment.
An excessive desire to have or own things.
The virtue by which we speak, think, act, and dress in ways that show respect for ourselves and others
This commandment obliges us to show respect for the property of others
This commandment calls us to protect our feelings and intentions
We live out this commandment when we know that God's love is more important than money or success.
Respecting the rights of others and giving them what is theirs.
To speak or act falesly
Living in the love of God, Our Father, as Jesus did. Allowing the Holy Spirit to fill us with love and goodness
The foundation of all positive human relationships.
A cardinal virtue which moderates our attraction of pleasures and helps us to bring our desires into balance.
The feeling of sadness when someone else has the things we want.
This commandment teaches us about the need for truth