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Physical Science U4A

any material that flows and offers little resistance to change in shape when under pressure
the attraction between unlike substances.
a clean break parallel to planes of weakness in a crystal
a non-crystalline solid having no orderly arrangement of molecules
capable of being pulled into wires
vaporization of a liquid below its boiling point; occurs mostly at the surface of the liquid
a device for measuring atmospheric pressure
a carbon fiber embedded in a polymer resin matrix
attraction of one particle in a material for another
a substance with little elasticity which fails (ruptures) quickly once a crack develops
a solid form resulting from the arrangement of atoms, ions, or molecules in definite geometric patterns
resistance to being scratched
a break that does not follow a flat surface, but rather is rough and uneven
the overall movement of suspended or dissolved particles resulting from the random movements of individual particles
a non-crystalline solid having no orderly arrangement of molecules
an effect that changes the motion (velocity or direction) of an object with mass
a hard, brittle, heat- and corrosion-resistant material made by subjecting a nonmetallic mineral mixture to intense heat