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The French Revolution

Favors to return past/traditional policies
The amount of money the government owes
Monderate group who felt the revolution had gone far enough
The regular meetings held to settle international problems
Top educated members of the third estate (middle class)
Met from 1792-1795
King during French revolution, he called the estates general together
Created in 1791 which kept a monarchy but limited loyal powers
French society before the revolution
The existing state or condition (the norm)
One of the three distinct social class in France in the 1700's
Prison is Paris that was overtaken by the third estate, symbol of royal tyranny
Unrestricted use of power
Originally one of Napoleon's allies, but revolted after the Spaniards overthrow them
Extreme radicals in favor of the reign of terror
Moderate group who felt the revolution had gone far enough
Started in 1789
Wife of Louis XVI
Unsuccessful crop growth
Overthrow of the government
Pride in ones country
Popular vote
French dictator at the end of the revolution