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George Washington's 1st term

How many states entered the union while George Washington was in office?
George Washington set up his own presidential cabinet. One of his most prominent cabinet appointees was _______ _______.
George Washington appointed ________ _______ as his Secretary of the Treasury.
Another precedent he set was in foreign matters. He supported the idea of the U.S having a position of ________ in foreign conflicts.
George Washington was the only president to receive ______ electoral votes.
George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the United States in which City?
What act did George Washington pass that enacted federal taxation with the goal of paying off the war debt from the American War for Independence?
Cabinet, two terms as President, farewell address, neutrality as foreign policy, use of new federal powers under the Constitution are all examples of _____ that Washington set.
What act did Washington pass that granted the President power to draft state militias to enter active duty for the national government?
One precedent he sets is that he only stays as president for ______ year(s).
The last precedent he set was established the Cabinet within the ________ Branch, a body that was not outlined within the constitution.
The ratification of which document happened on Washington's watch, and granted many personal freedoms?