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Physical Science 8

Nationality of person who discovered magnetism and electricity are related
One of the main elements of the earth's core that may cause the magnetic field of earth
Magnet used to find direction
In the U.S. generators rotate ____ cycles per second
Temporary magnet that uses a coil of wire around an iron core
Type of current you get from a battery
Changes voltage
One cause for a permanent magnet to lose its magnetism
Groups of atoms with aligned magnetic poles
Type of current you get from a typical wall outlet
Device that uses an electromagnet to measure electric current
Used in electric motor to switch direction of electricity
Area in Greece where magnetic material was found
Scientist who discovered relationship between magnets and electricity
Produces electric current using magnets
One of the cultures who had an early interest in magnets
North and south ______
In order for power to be sent long distances, ____ voltage must be used
Often used to propel turbines in generators