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Aeneid & past tense verbs

Author of Aeneid
Aeneas' 1st wife
Aeneas' mother
We loved
We were
You all fought
Greek island in story
Father of Aeneas
I praised
I was
They lived
She was
Evander's son killed by Turnus
You were
Greatest Troy warrior dies in battle
Queen of Laurentum
Aeneas' descendant
Queen of Carthage
They prepared
Sea god helps Aeneas
Aeneas & Turned fought over her
Wrote Divine Comedy
Author of Illiad & Odyssey
Pallenteum's king
They moved
Location of Troy
She carried
Virgil died here
We called
He worked
He sailed
Paid Virgil for Aeneid
Ancient Greek name for Italy
They gave
Major nemesis of Aeneas
Italian island in story
Various gods send him to Aeneas
You all were
Son of Aeneas
Patron of Carthage