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Happy New Year!

A kind of sparkly wine, sometimes nonalcoholic.
At the stroke of this hour, people cheer to welcome in the new year.
People will make one of these with a tip of a champagne glass before making a speech reflecting on the old year.
People use these to create a small, explosive noise to ring in the new year.
People will consider a list of things they resolve to do for the new year, such as changing a habit or starting a new activity.
A glass containment filled with sand that, when it runs out, it equate to a full hour.
As the year end, it's time to get a new one to tell you the current month of the new year.
Considered the first month of the new calendar year.
A verb meaning to think about something with deep consideration, usually in light of the events happening in the past year.
You fill these up with helium and use them as decorations indoors or outdoors for any occasion, especially New Year's.
People come together for a social enjoyment in order to acknowledge an occasion such as New Year's.
People do this when the last ten seconds of the old year is called out.
Considered the last month of the calendar year
People use these to make a ruckus when the new year arrives.