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Life Science 11

Combination of an algae and a fungus
____ feeders include shrimp and earthworms
Long filaments found in some fungi
Kingdom mushrooms belong to
Smallest of the 2 bacteria kingdoms
Largest of the 2 bacteria kingdoms
Process in which a person is given a dead or weakened virus to produce immunity
Fungus that gets nutrition from dead materials
Piece of DNA or RNA and a protein coat
Kingdom that includes protozoans and algae
Your cat or dog may get a shot against this viral disease
In ideal conditions, some bacteria reproduce in 20 _______
Some algae produce toxins that result in a ____ tide
This term means first animal
Fungus that gets nutrition from living things
A form of sexual reproduction for protozoans
Some protozoans have ____ and perform photosynthesis
Fungi and bacteria are the main ______ for the world
Reproductive cells for fungi