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Vocab Review: Culture

An area comprised of multiple culture regions where there are a few traits in common.
Type of diffusion where a phenomenon spreads to those nearby.
Type of diffusion where people actually move and take their cultural baggage with them.
A region in Sweden with distinctive and protected farmhouses which are a large part of the Swedish cultural identity.
Physical objects made or used by a cultural group.
Attitudes, beliefs and values of a group.
Everything about the way a group of people lives.
A single component of culture.
A word coined by Edward Relph that describes a feeling resulting from the loss of uniqueness in the built environment.
An element of material culture.
"Of native origin"
Modern way of life that diffuses quickly, changes rapidly, and is widespread.
An area that shares a large number of culture traits.
Ideas, beliefs and values that are part of the ideological subsystem.
The place where something begins or originates.
The controversial idea that citizens have a set of recognizable values, behaviors, and beliefs, that express the core culture of each modern nation.
A bundle of related cultural traits.
Rural, unified, largely self-sufficient groups that share similar customs and ethnicity.
Traditional buildings that use locally available raw materials and rarely architects.
Groups of people with norms, values, and material practices that differentiate them from the dominant culture to which they belong.
Culture group in East Africa that's often cited as an example of a culture complex.
A culture trait that's related to how groups of people in a culture are expected to interact.
Word that literally means "scattered"; used to describe ethnic enclaves in major cities.