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Science Crossword

A species that was first explored the land
When they both help when living together
Things in the ecosystem that benefit humans
The number of organisms
To maintain an ecosystem and keep it steady
To help a lower ecosystem and bring it back up
Two animals that do something and effect both of them
Where two organisms are struggling to get food because they eat the same things
Resources made in the wild
How organisms interact with each other
When an animal species is wiped out of existence on earth
A relationship between two animals that live closely together
You can keep resources longer and use them wisely
When one animal kills another to get food and nutrients
Things in the ecosystem that benefit humans
When both species benefit each other
An animal species that is not from around that area
When a fungus or bacteria grows on something and hurts the host
Predictable things that are going to happen over time to animals
How organisms interact with their living space