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Assimilated/Absorbed Prefixes (Dr. Wieland)

To come near
Outside of the norms of the flock
To fix to
To seize or arrest
To form or collect into a ball
A proclamation, spoken out by an authority
To strike together
The state of bubbling out
One who is sent on a mission to deliver a message
The state of utterly lacking self confidence
To climb down with [to another person's level]
A state of being strong together
Pouring out (e.g., praise)
To lessen away
To write on something
To stop or seize
To pull apart entirely [e.g., attention]
To be miserable together
To scatter asunder [e.g., seeds]
To warn
To work together
To break apart
A firmly stated "yes"
To take from the ground [e.g,, a body]
To make a situation heavy or worse
One who creates together with another
To step away [from the topic]
To be well together
Drained out
To gnaw away with
An event where people speak together about a scholarly topic of shared interest
To turn [others] to [a product or service]
To go swifty
Not named
To guide or make straight with
Outside of or off the center, personality-wise