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Evolution of Law Enforcement 2

Teacher: m coleburn
One who makes an appeal
Unlawful attempt to hurt someone
Unlawfully killing of a human by another human
Detaining a person in a matter authorized by the law
Established 55 military districts
When those who have not been injured become as indignant as those who have
The transfer of a case to a higher court
London police officers
Fines more than 1 year in state prison up to death
Maintained order in the tithe
Being married to 2 people at the same time
The killing of a human by another human
Body of rules which act as a set of boundaries to govern human conduct
Sexual intercourse with other than one's spouse
Unlawfully making contact with someone
First detectives of London
Police of prostitutes
Officers call for help to come to his aid
Created bow street runners
Building codes
Highest court of appeal, state or federal
Location of prostitutes
Bad by prohibition
Father of modern day policing
Inducing a women to engage in sexual relations
Bad in itself
The lawgiver
Said " a punishment should serve a purpose rather than just retaliation"