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Biological Terms

Model that shows the complex network of feeding relationships.
Hyprobic molecule.
Negative charge of an element.
Competition between different species.
Produces molecules that carry energy to the 2nd part of cellular respiration.
Change in living things over time.
Requires solar energy in photosynthesis.
Total number of protons and neutrons.
Cannot be used up or replenish themselves.
Lipids are the most important energy in their bonds.
Positive charge of an element.
Only eats plants.
Consumer that primarily eats 1 specific organism.
All living things and places they are found on earth.
Only eats meat.
Sunlight converts water and carbon dioxide into chemical energy.
Organisms that eat dead organic matter
Amount of land necessary to produce and maintain enough resources.
Maintenance of constant internal conditions in an organism.
Simplest form of carb, protein and fat.
Where photosynthesis takes place.
Eat their prey alive.
Where cellular respiration takes place.
Number of protons.
Eats animals and plants.
Adenosire Trisophate