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Year 12 Cell Structure and Studying Cells Keywords

Minimum distance apart that two objects can be in order for them to appear as separate items
Membrane around vacuole in plant cells
Genetic material in HIV
Special microscope slide used to calibrate an eyepiece graticule
Allows the passage of mRNA out of the nucleus
Protein coat in viruses
Process by which fragments in a filtered homogenate are separated
Process where cells are broken up
Type of electron microscope where electrons are scattered
Type of endoplasmic reticulum where proteins and glycoproteins are synthesised
Cell structure where proteins are modified and packaged
Innermost compartment of the mitochondria; contains protein, lipids, ribosomes and mitochondrial DNA
Flattened sacs of the Golgi apparatus
Genes in bacteria that code for enzymes that break down antibiotics may be found on these structures
Peptidoglycan that makes up bacterial cell walls
Type of endoplasmic reticulum where lipids and carbohydrates are synthesised, stored, and transported
Type of cell with a true nucleus and membrane-bound organelles
Type of tissue that lines the surfaces of organs and often have a protective or secretory function
Type of electron microscope that must be sectioned thinly
Where chlorophyll is found in the chloroplast
A solution where the pH does not fluctuate
Contains hydrolytic enzymes
Process where cells are broken up and different organelles can be separated out
Stacks of thylakoids
Double membrane that surrounds the nucleus
Fluid at the top of the tube after centrifugation
Polysaccharide that makes up fungal cell walls
Protective layer that helps groups of bacteria stick together for protection
Proteins that allow a virus to identify and attach to a host cell
Protein-bound linear DNA
The way in which genetic information in bacterial cells is arranged
Extensions of the inner mitochondrial membrane
Where the second stage of photosynthesis takes place