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synonyms for adjectives and adverbs

He ran ___________through the forest when he spotted the bear.
His mom was _________when he didn't show up after school.
She was ____________about the news that she got into the university that she really wanted.
She is alway _________first thing in the morning because she hates getting out of bed.
He stepped ________across the busy street.
You could tell the dog was __________when he snarled and knocked the child down.
She felt _________about the test because she had not studied enough.
He was _________about not being invited to the party.
She________ picked up the baby bird and placed him back in the nest.
You can tell he is ______because he is always telling everyone what to do.
He was __________with his sister when she broke his favourite ear buds.
She was ______________about the news that her cat had died.
He was __________with the idea of going ziplining
You could tell that he was ______about being stuck in traffic because he kept honking the horn.
She was able to scare her friends by coming _________up behind them.