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Art Midterm Reveiw 6 2020

What is inspiring, exciting, and creative?
What kind of shape is a cloud?
What two colors make blue?
Which element of art refers to how something feels when you touch it?
What kind of colors are red, blue, and yellow?
What does a closed line make?
Another word for opposite colors.
What kind of line is used to make an x?
An example of an element of art.
Lightning is an example of what kind of line?
What kind of color is an example of high intensity?
Red and blue make what color?
Which element of art refers to the lightness or darkness of a color?
What kind of space is a sky an example of?
An example of form.
What does the "R" in artsy stand for?
Circle, square, triangle, circle, square, triangle, is an example of what?
Orange, green, and purple, are what kind of colors?
What kind of space is the object in a work of art?
An example of geometric shape.