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Psychology Chapter 3 Module 7

Caused by having one cone that does not work properly.
Fifth taste. Brothy taste.
Tendency of sensory receptor cells to become less responsive to a stimulus that is unchanging. Nose blind.
Proposes visual neurons are stimulated by light of one color and inhibited by light of another color.
A bone of the middle ear.
States that different pitches are experienced by the stimulation of hair cells in different locations on the organ of Corti.
A bone of the middle ear.
A bone of the middle ear.
Allowing various forms of outside stimuli to become neural signals in the brain.
The brain's use of information about the changing thickness of the lens of the eye in response to looking at objects that are close or far away.
The visible part of the eye.
The lowest level of stimulation that a person can consciously detect 50% of the time the stimulation is present.
The process of converting outside stimuli, such as light, into neural activity.
Theory of color vision that proposes three types of cones: red, blue, and green.
Hairs that project into the nasal cavity and are receptor sites that send signals to the brain.
The body senses.
States that pitch is related to the speed of vibrations in the basilar membrane.
Just noticeable difference.
Visual sensory receptors responsible for non-color sensitivity to low levels of light.
Name given to the dense clusters of various receptor cells found within them.
Visual sensory receptors responsible for color vision and sharpness of vision.
How high or low a sound is.