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The Cell Cycle

An organelle found in all eukaryotic cells that contains all of the cell's genetic data
One of the major functions of mitosis (cellular division) in multicellular organisms
Portion of interphase during which the cell undergoes a major checkpoint to determine whether DNA has been replicated correctly and the cell has enough material (e.g. ribosomes, mitochondria, membrane materials) to form two complete cells.
A system of protein microtubules within the cell that are used to provide internal structure, to give the cell its shape, and to facilitate transport of molecules within the cell.
Major group of organisms defined by presence of a nucleus and membrane-bound organelles. May be single-celled or multicellular.
Aspect of a cell that is limited by the ratio of its surface area to its volume
Programmed cell death that may occur as a normal part of development or because the cell has failed a major cell cycle checkpoint.
Sometimes abbreviated "S-phase," it is during this portion of interphase that the DNA is replicated as the cell prepares to divide.
The first part of interphase, during which the cell primarily takes in nutrients, grows, and produces proteins.
A point during the cell cycle at which the cell determines whether environmental and internal conditions are favorable for division.
The number and visual appearance of an individual's chromosomes. Can be used to diagnose genetic disorders caused by a whole or partial duplication or deletion of a chromosome or chromosome segment.
An organelle that acts as the organization center for the microtubules of the cytoskeleton. Integral to the process of cellular division.
Major group of cellular organisms defined by their lack of a nucleus and other membrane-bound organelles. Always single-celled.
The phase in which the cell spends most of its life. This is the phase in which cell take up nutrients, grow, read DNA and produce proteins, and replicate the DNA in preparation for division.
One of the major functions of mitosis (cellular division) in multicellular organisms
One of the major functions of mitosis (cellular division) in multicellular organisms
Cell death that occurs due to unfavorable internal or external conditions, such as illness or injury.
A condensed form of DNA wrapped around proteins called Histones; DNA is packaged in this form to ease the task of replication and division during mitosis.