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Voyage Vocabulaire

I often ____ my suitcase in the overhead luggage rack.
I prefer to do this method of checking in; ____, it is much faster.
Sometimes people _____, where they stop halfway through their flight at another.
This is the female who will greet you when you board the plane.
Where you place you carry-on luggage.
A checkpoint for airline passengers.
The pass required for you to board the plane.
Many times people feel the need _____ especially after there is a delay on the plane.
You often have ____for your luggage on the large luggage conveyor belt.
This is what you fly on.
This is an item you will need to show if you are planning to travel to another country.
You do a lot of this while standing in line at the airport.
You have ____ what you purchased while in another country.
Something you may say once you arrive at your destination.
This is what you must use to prove that you are who you claim to be.
The male who offers you your drinks and food on a flight.
The building you go to when traveling by plane.
You hand your ticket in here right before your flight.
You will definitely need this when trying to board a plane.
You place your items in this when traveling.