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7th grade Science Crossword

Andy Lewis
What is the first thing you do if something goes wrong in a lab.
Instead of directly smelling the container of chemicals, you must ___________.
The rule for no goofing off in a science lab.
An accurate to measure out the mass of objects.
________ are used to hold chemical solutions.
_____ are used to grip and lift objects instead of holding them directly.
Used to mix chemicals, liquids, and other stuff together for scientific testing.
Produces a single open gas flame.
A _________ focuses light to create an image, makes thing such as stars easier to study.
An _________ is comprised of errors by a viewer in one direction.
Everyone has one of these, looks like a big spiral.
Gives plants that green color.
Makes small objects larger.
You wear ______ when you are using chemicals or other things that can get in your eyes.
Gives plant cells its box shape.
____________ before and after each experiment.
The female organs of a flower.
A _______ prevents gases and liquids from escaping a container.
The control center of a cell.
Can hold solutions, measure chemicals, and contain chemical reactions like boiling.