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Key Science Terms

Force applied for a certain amount of time
An area around an object within which forces affect other objects
A quantity with both an amount and a direction
the energy of the motion of an object
to treat something or recognize it as different
a measure determined by the amount of matter or energy present in a body, it is the measure of a body’s resistance to acceleration
increase of one quantity causes the decrease of the other quantity
a quantity which is gradually increasing with discrete additions regularly
to deduce a conclusion not explicitly written in the given evidence and information
a force acting between two solid surfaces where the relative motion of the surfaces is resisted
the speed and direction of an object’s motion
overall agreement
to be in contrast with
rate of change of velocity, often expressed in m/s2
a fundamental part of an atom. It is negatively charged
to slow down, or to reduce the speed (or velocity) of a moving body
to change, alter, or tweak
to provide evidence for; to back up (a claim)
to be able to accomplish a task or a purpose without wasting resources (such as time, energy, money, etc.)
to prove to be untrue, unfounded, or incorrect
an increase of one quantity causes the increase of the other quantity
to strengthen with new evidence or facts
A quantity related to the mass and velocity of an object
A special type of kinetic energy, for the motion of molecules and atoms
to discharge, generally used in the context of heat, light, radiation, etc.
involving quantities (numbers and amounts)
involving qualities of something (features and content)
to exclude some information intentionally or forgetfully; to fail or neglect to do something
to do as an example gives evidence for
to be unstable; to rise and fall
(verb) to estimate or measure a property (such as volume, amount, etc.); (noun) a device which measures a certain property of something