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Animal Science 6.1 Vocab B

Tube connecting the epididymis of the testicle to the urethra; the sperm conducting ducts.
An S-shaped fold in the penis of a bull, ram, or boar that straightens during erection and allows it to extend from the sheath for copulation.
One of the male accessory glands that encircles the neck of the bladder where it joins the urethra.
Minute tubules in the testicles where the sperm are produced; making up about 90% of the mass of testes.
Becoming mature.
A hormone produced by the interstitial cells of the tests that functions in stimulating male sex drive, masculine characteristics, development of the female reproductive tract, and spermatogenesis.
In most male mammals, the pouch of skin containing the testicles and related structures.
A fluid produced by the male reproductive system containing spermatozoa suspended in the secretions of the accessory glands.
The male organ of sexual union.
A gland attached to the urethra near the bladder, which produces fluids to carry and nourish the sperm.
The male sex cell produced by the testicles.
Any tough, dense, fibrous band that connects bones or supports viscera.
An accessory gland in the male reproductive system that produces a fluid that moves ahead of the seminal fluid, cleansing and neutralizing the urethra.
A small, tortuous tube leading from the testicles; stores and matures sperm.
A male animal where one or both testicles remained in the body cavity and did not descend into the scrotum during embryonic development.
The male sex organ that produces sperm after sexual maturity.