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Life Science 12

An example of a nonvascular plant
Grass has ____ roots
Covering of a plant
Made of sugar molecules bonded together
Type of vascular tissue that carries water
A ____ tree is an example of a gymnosperm
____ organisms' cells have a nucleus
Bottom part of a moss
Usually unseen organs of plants
A carrot is an example of a plant with a ____
The word means "naked seed"
Study of the bodily structures of an organism
Seedless plants need ___ to reproduce
Leaf arrangement with 2 leafs per node
These are examples of seedless vascular plants
Waxy substance on a plant
Bottom part of a fern
Type of vascular tissue that carries food
Soft stem
Leaf arrangement with 1 leaf per node
The word means "covered seed"
Multicellular reproductive structures
Study of the shape of form of an organism
Leaf arrangement with 3 or more leafs per node
___ plants have tissues that carry water and food
Firm stem