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El Voca Bulario De La Pagina 32

Teacher: Mendez
The teacher gives you a ______.
Music that most kids listen to.
The type of music a rock star plays.
You can play this on sand and land.
Spaghetti is________.
In school you have a subject that has reading and writing in it
The Raiders is a _______team.
You use a bat and a ball to play_____.
In Mexico they call soccer______.
An apple is a type of ______.
What do you like?
The type of music the blues was.
You can buy this at See's Candy.
Chinese people are from_______.
People from Mexico are this.
Type of music you might hear a violin.
Lettuce is used to make this.
Do you speak in _________.
A place where kids at school eat.
We eat it all the time.
I like
The Lakers is a _________team.
What does Dora like?
This sport has to do with water.
You use a racket and a ball to play______.
Me N' Eds is a ________ place.