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The Constitution and its Founding

Author: Brenda Ochoa
A from of government in which the interests of the people are represented through elected leaders.
The idea that government gains its legitimacy through regular elections in which the people living under that government participate to elect their leaders.
The supreme court's power to strike down a lwa or executive branch action that it finds unconstitutional.
Those at the constitutional convention who favored a strong national government and a system of separated powers.
Constitution that grants congress the power to pass laws related to one of its expressed powers.
As defined in teh tenth amendment, powers that are not given to the national government by the constitution, or not prohibited to the state, are reserved by the states or the people.
A negative or checking of power over the other branches that allows congress to remove the president, vice president, or other officers of the United States.
Smaller states at the constitutional convention proposed that each state should receive equal representation in the national legislature, regardless of size.
The first 10 amendments of the constitution;they protect individual rights and liberty's
The first attempt to structure an American government
A system of government in which legislative and executive power are closely joined
Powers not explicitly stated in the constitution but that can be inferred from an enumerated power.
Argued that it is beneficial to put the interests of the group in competition with the interests of other groups, so no one group can dominate government.
Those at the constitutional convention who favored strong state governments and feared that a strong national government would be a threat to individual rights
A form of government in which power is held by a single person, or monarch, who comes to power through inheritance rather than election.